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Maricevic Fine Art, one of Moscow's leading galleries and a partner of the State Tretyakov Gallery, has been working in Russia since 2001, providing its clients with a full range of professional services related to important works of Russian and European art. The gallery also provides unique consulting services regarding the investment potential of works of art to corporate and individual clients.

Maricevic Fine Art has a particularly strong focus on Russian Realism of the 19-20th centuries. The gallery collection includes works of such renowned artists as I.Repin, K.Korovin, I.Aivazovsky, F.Malyavin, A.Arkhipov, S.Zhukovsky, N.Fechin, S.Kolesnikov, and others.

We are also active in searching for and consulting our clients on acquisitions of important works of European art and have handled works by such masters as Peter Paul Rubens, Jan Brueghel the Elder, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Mark Chagall, Wassily Kandinsky and others.

The people

Maricevic Fine Art & Antiques is a family business. Our team consists of seven people with background in various areas related to Russian and European art and art investment. Our unique mix of experience and skills allows us to offer highly professional services on the Russian market.


Mirjana Maricevic - Founding Partner

Collector and art dealer for more than 30 years, Mirjana specialises in Russian art of 19th and 20th centuries with a particular interest in returning to Russia works of its émigré artists who fled the country in the years following the Revolution.

Acts as gallery curator in the joint project between Maricevic Fine Art and the State Tretyakov Gallery dedicated to the creative legacy of the post-war generation of Soviet artists Viktor Ivanov, the Tkachev brothers, Valentin Sidorov, Alexei and Alexander Gritsai, Andrei Kurnakov, Gely Korzhev and others.

Based on strong client interest has actively searched for masterpieces of European art, previously held by the State Museum of Hermitage in St.-Petersburg and Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow and sold abroad by the Soviet authorities back in 1920-30s.

Mirjana has also been a passionate collector of Oriental art for more than 30 years, assembling one of the largest collections of icons of Northern Buddhism, exhibited in London and New-York.


Ana Maricevic - Managing Partner

Responsible for overall gallery management and acting as Investment Consultant to gallery's clients.

Has ten years of work experience in international corporations, as well as with McKinsey & Company, the leading international firm in the area of management consulting. Ana's clients included large international financial, investment, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and other companies.

During the past four years Ana specialised in the area of art investment, participating in professional conferences and publishing her works in the mass media. As a rare specialist, her services are in demand not only by owners of private collections, but also by companies creating corporate collections, banks and art investment funds.


Sonja Maricevic - Partner

As a Russian art specialist and certified restorer, Sonja is particularly active in searching for gallery acquisitions in Russia and abroad, as well as careful examination and documentation of works of art at the gallery.

Is completing a Ph.D. thesis about artworks of Russian émigrés artists, which is also a subject of Sonja's conference presentations and publications. Her scientific research includes archive compilation and work on a book about an academic artist S.F. Kolesnikov, who emigrated from Russia after the Revolution of 1917. A large collection of the artist's work is on display at our gallery in Moscow.


Lisa Romanova - PR Director

Public Relations expert with strong background in art history.

Has extensive experience in such aspects of PR, as support and promotion of individual art projects, schools and trends, as well as working on various media projects including publishing and film making. Lisa also handles all questions related to preparation of high-profile cultural events, where Maricevic Fine Art is an active participant and manages gallery's network of partners in the luxury sector.

Lisa is currently working on a Ph.D. thesis on the topic of Russian realist art of the second half of the 20th century with a particular focus on the "severe style".


Максим Бедов

Maxim Bedov - Executive Director

Russian art specialist and certified restorer, member of Artists Union of Russia, maintains his own archive of rare or little known works of Russian artists of 19-20th centuries.

Manages all aspects of everyday gallery activity including art acquisitions, logistics, expertise as well as commercial activity and client relations.

During eight years prior to joining the gallery managed interior design projects in Russia and overseas and also took part in the reconstruction and restoration of pictorial décor in The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow.


Анна Антипова

Anna Antipova - Gallery Administrator

Евгения Сорокина

Eugenia Sorokina - Administrative Assistant



As part of our cultural mission, we regularly undertake projects that aim to further the understanding and promote art to the wider public.

Russian émigrés artists
For many years we have been studying the artistic legacy of the outstanding Russian artists who after the Revolution were forced to leave their homeland and emigrate to other countries. Among them were Konstantin Korovin, Filip Malyavin, Franz Roubaud, Stepan Kolesnikov, Alexis Hanzen, Alessio Issupoff, Stanislav Zhukovsky, Konstantin Gorbatov, Aleksander Altmann, Aleksandra Exter, Vladimir Baranoff-Rossiné and many others.

Over the years we have been on the constant look out for masterpieces of émigré art abroad and have been successful in bringing a large number of important works back to Russia. Together with the leading art experts and local museums we are continuously working on the research of their background and promoting them through exhibitions and publishing in the general and specialised press.

The artistic legacy of S.F.Koleshikov
The most long-standing and extensive research we've done over the past ten years is dedicated to the life and artistic legacy of S.F. Kolesnikov. Thanks to the unique connections that we have in former Yugoslavia, we were able to gain access to both Yugoslavian and international private collections and conduct a thorough study of the emigration period of the artist, little known to Russian collectors and art historians. Life and work of S.F. Kolesnikov is the main area of specialization of Sonja Maricevic, our leading specialist in Russian Art, and a theme of her future PhD and the book about the artist.

Masterpieces of post-war Soviet art
One of our important cultural projects is an exhibition of the Russian realist art of the second half of the 20th century prepared jointly with the State Tretyakov Gallery and presenting works by Victor Ivanov, the Tkachev brothers, Valentin Sidorov, Alexei and Alexander Gritsai, Andrei Kurnakov, Gely Korzhev and few other distinguished artists, whose creative development formed in the post-war era.

This group was carefully selected by Maricevic Fine Art and State Tretyakov Gallery curators on the basis of our strong belief in the high artistic quality of their art and their lasting influence on Russian culture of the second half of the 20th century.

With this exhibition we want to demonstrate, that great traditions of the Russian school of realism are still alive, and that there is a number of artists today, whose works can easily withstand competition with paintings of great masters of the Russian art of the 19th - beginning of the 20th century.

Over the past few years we managed to establish an excellent personal relationship with the artists and their families which allowed us to assemble an impressive collection of their works, compile an extensive and detailed archive that became a strong basis for two documentaries and our future book about their life and art.

In the 2006 during the 3rd Moscow World Fine Art Fair we presented part of our collection as a preview of the future exhibition in the Tretyakov Gallery. We had a very positive response both from the art experts and the general public which gave us even stronger belief in our choice.

After the great success of this preview we've been offered to curate another project devoted to Soviet art. It includes reviewing and cataloguing of a large European collection of Russian art from 1920s - 1950s (over 600 pieces) and its further exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.


We make regular appearance in press and on TV both in Russia and abroad, covering the most interesting and up-to-date issues of the local and international art market. We also take a proactive role in the publication of books on art and producing documentary movies dedicated to the various art movements.

At different times our articles and expert comments appeared in Russian Business week Kommersant-Dengi, Vogue, Elle Décor, Art + Auction, Coast and other magazines, as well as in RBC-daily, Kommersant, Antiques Trade Gazette, Herald Tribune and other newspapers.

We are also occasionally asked for interviews by Russian TV channels; one of the most recent examples are two interviews of Ana Maricevic on REN-TV.

Documentary films
We are increasingly building our experience in documentary films. In the past two years we have created and commissioned two dedicated to Soviet art and one to the Russian émigré artists. Two of them were directed by Boris Karadzhev, the renowned Russian documentary director and a winner of various professional awards both in Russia and abroad.

Our documentary dedicated to a group of prominent Russian artists of the post-war era represented in our private collection is to be released soon on Kultura channel. In the future it will come as a part of a joint exhibition project of Maricevic Fine Art and the State Tretyakov Gallery devoted to the same subject.

We are currently working on two publishing projects - one is dedicated to life and art of Stepan Kolesnikov and another is prepared for our exhibition in the State Tretyakov Gallery devoted to Soviet art of the post-war era.


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