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As part of our cultural mission, we regularly undertake projects that aim to further the understanding art and promote it to the wider public.

Russian émigrés artists
For many years we have been studying the artistic legacy of the outstanding Russian artists who after the Revolution were forced to leave their homeland and emigrate to other countries. Among them were Konstantin Korovin, Filip Malyavin, Franz Roubaud, Stepan Kolesnikov, Alexis Hanzen, Alessio Issupoff, Stanislav Zhukovsky, Konstantin Gorbatov, Aleksander Altmann, Aleksandra Exter, Vladimir Baranoff-Rossiné and others.

Over the years we have been on the constant look out for masterpieces of é migré art abroad and have been successful in bringing a large number of important works back to Russia. Together with the leading art experts and local museums we are continuously working on the research of their background and promoting them through exhibitions and publishing articles in the general and specialised press.

Within the framework of this ongoing project we’ve organised the exhibition during the Moscow world Fine Art Fair in 2007 and commissioned a documentary which was filmed by Boris Karadzhev, the renowned Russian director and a winner of various professional awards both in Russia and abroad.

The artistic legacy of S.F.Koleshikov
The most long-standing and extensive research we've done over the past ten years is dedicated to the life and artistic legacy of S.F. Kolesnikov. Thanks to the unique connections that we have in the former Yugoslavia, we were able to gain access to both Yugoslavian and international private collections and conduct a thorough study of the emigration period of the artist, little known to Russian collectors and art historians. The life and work of S.F. Kolesnikov is the main area of specialization of Sonja Maricevic, our leading specialist in Russian Art, and a theme of her PhD and a book about the artist.

Masterpieces of post-war Soviet art
One of our important cultural projects involves continuing research and promotion of a selected group of Russian realist artists - Victor Ivanov, the Tkachev brothers, Valentin Sidorov, Alexei and Alexander Gritsai, Andrei Kurnakov, Gely Korzhev and a few other distinguished artists, whose creative development formed in the post-war era.

This group was carefully selected by Maricevic Fine Art and State Tretyakov Gallery curators on the basis of our strong belief in the high artistic quality of their art and their lasting influence on Russian culture of the second half of the 20th century.

We want to demonstrate that great traditions of the Russian school of realism are still alive, and that there are a number of artists today, whose works can easily withstand competition with paintings of great masters of the Russian art of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century.

Over the last few years we have established close relationships with the artists and their families which allowed us to assemble an impressive collection of their works, compile an extensive and detailed archive that became a strong basis for two documentaries and our future book about their life and art.