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We are happy to announce the recent acquisition of two major works by the outstanding Russian painter Stepan Kolesnikov - «Gifts of the South» (125 õ 165 cm, dated 1936) and «Winter Forest» (118 õ 160 cm).
The genre of still life is not a frequent subject in Kolesnikov’s work, but Stepan Fedorovich shows outstanding talent in portraying the beauty and the richness of nature in the picture «Gifts of the South». High grasses of the steppe and dazzlingly white sand are the setting for a sumptuous display of watermelons and melons of all shapes, colours and sizes, therefore merging the still life with elements of landscape. 
The «Winter Forest» while also monumental in size shows the talent of the author in a different light. Kolesnikov creates the image of a hard Russian winter with an amazing subtlety and attention to detail. Despite the fact that at the time Stepan Fyodorovich had left his native Russia already many years ago, he continues to paint subjects close to his heart. Not surprisingly many customers for his paintings were also Russian immigrants, still harbouring hopes to come back home. 
Kolesnikov’s patron King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic of Yugoslavia was educated at the imperial Page Corps in Saint Petersburg and was close to the Russian culture. Most of the large-scale canvases painted by Kolesnikov in the years after his exile to Yugoslavia date from the years just before the Second World War, when he was in favour of the Royal court and received substantial private and government orders. «Gifts of the South» and «Winter Forest» are vivid examples of such works. With the start of the Second World War and the subsequent coming to power of communists the artist was forced to abandon working on such significant scale.

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