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Maricevic Fine Art is proud to announce that Sonja Maricevic was awarded a PhD degree from the Art History department of the Moscow Stroganov University on Dec 9, 2008. Her dissertation is dedicated to the artistic legacy of Stepan Kolesnikov, a remarkable Russian artist who emigrated to Serbia after the Russian revolution, as well as other Russian émigré artists who moved to the Balkans between the two World Wars.
Maricevic Fine Art has dedicated years to the research of Russian art in emigration, which includes such prominent 20th century artists as Nikolai Fechin, Konstantin Korovin and Filip Malyavin. Sonja Maricevic has continued our efforts in one of the least studied areas of Russian art history. Her work found strong support in the academic circles and as of 2009 she will provide authenticity certificates for works of Stepan Kolesnikov and Alexei Hanzen, a contemporary who also emigrated to Serbia after the Russian Revolution.
Sonja on her behalf would like to thank her mentor, the head of the Art History department in the Stroganov University Kirill Gavrilin as well as her official opponents, doctor and head of section in the Russian Museum Elena Yakovleva and candidate of science Valentina Zubets. We would also like to thank everyone who helped our research efforts in the past and contributed to the gallery’s extensive archive. It is the support of our colleagues and friends in ex-Yugoslavia and Russia that helped us overcome many obstacles and bring together all those rare, scattered and often hard to find materials.




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