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Maricevic Fine Art has been dedicated to promoting a select group of Russian realist painters who became active in the post-war era. To this end we regularly organise exhibitions of their works at our gallery and in collaboration with leading museums and the Union of Artists of Russia. We want to demonstrate that great traditions of the Russian school of realism are still alive, and that there are a number of artists today, whose works can easily withstand competition with paintings of great masters of the Russian art of the 19th - beginning of the 20th century.

As part of this program we are proud to invite you to the exhibition «Realism in Russian art in the second half of the twentieth century» which will take place at the Russian museum in Saint Petersburg from July 4 to October 8 this year. The exhibition will present works from a Moscow private collection which has been carefully formed and curated by our gallery for many years.

 The exposition will present paintings by classic masters of Soviet art – Gely Korzhev, brothers Aleksey and Sergey Tkachev, Valentin Sidorov, Vladimir Stozharov, Viktor Ivanov, Aleksey and Alexander Gritsay, Sergey Gerasimov, Petr Ossovskiy, Nikolay Andronov, Natalia Egorshina, Ivan Sorokin, Yuriy Kugach, as well as works by sculptors Mihail Pereyaslavets, Ivan Korzhev, Alexander Burganov. Chronologically the exhibition will cover the period from 1950s to 2000s, which we hope will significantly broaden the view of the public on the oeuvre of the realist painters who started their carrier in the years after the Second World War.

 Honest views of everyday life in the Russian and Soviet countryside in the works of brothers Tkachev, lyrical landscapes of Aleksey Gritsay and Valentin Sidorov, works by Gely Korzev, full of tragic reflections on the faith of man and the social structure of society are different facets of this unique collection. Although differing in the emotional tonality and their own take on Russian realism, the artists presented have in common a profound and unequivocal love for their homeland, a firm grounding in the difficult epoch they were born in and a belief in truth as the guiding principle for their art.

 Together with the Russian museum we have prepared a detailed catalogue of the collection to accompany the exhibition. A documentary film about the artists produced by Maricevic Fine Art and directed by the renowned Boris Karadzhev will also be shown during the exhibition in the Russian Museum.

 The opening of the exhibition «Realism in Russian art in the second half of the twentieth century» will take place on July 4 in the Benois rooms of the Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg. The opening will be attended by some of the protagonists of the exhibition – artists Valentin Sidorov, Petr Ossovskiy, Mihail Pereyaslavets.

 During the exhibition in Saint Petersburg you are welcome to our gallery premises in Moscow to consult the exhibition catalogue and the documentary film «Contemporaries».


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